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Reliable Tire Repair Basics

Repairing Tire in 5 Simple Steps

If your car suddenly develops a flat tire, you must consider how to replace it as soon as possible. You can’t drive if your tire is flat. If you are in the middle of your journey, this can be extremely inconvenient. If you are unsure about any car parts, you must contact a reputable mechanic in your area. For your convenience, they provide tire repair. Here are the steps that a mechanic will take to assist you in your tire emergency:

Identify the Problem

Begin by gently running your hand around the outside of the tire to locate the foreign object, taking care not to cut yourself. Pouring soap and water over the tire is a better way to detect a leak. Once covered, inspect the tire for bubbles, which will indicate where the tire is leaking.

Remove the Protruding Object

After locating the source of the leak with the soap and water method (mentioned above), remove the foreign object with pliers. To remove damaged cords, drill into the puncture area at least three times with a carbide cutter at low speed, starting from the inside of the tire.

Set up the Rubber Plug and Patch Combo

Apply vulcanizing cement to the inner liner puncture. Pull the rubber repair plug end of the patch and plug combo through the puncture area and plug the hole from the inside out.

Sew the Tire Patch

Press firmly from the center of the repair patch to the outside with the stitcher tool to ensure there is no air trapped between the tire patch and the inner liner of the tire. Take off the plastic covering the repair patch. Inner liner sealer should be applied to the buffed area around the tire repair patch. Cut away excess plug material from the newly repaired tire.

Reattach the Tire and Do the Final Inspection

Reattach the tire on the rim, inflate to the proper pressure, rebalance the tire wheel assembly and do the final check if the leak has been repaired.

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