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Find Affordability and Quality in Our Used Tire Shop in Poteau, OK

Have you been putting on hold your tire replacement due to a tight budget? Mode's Tire Service feels you, and we’re here to offer a great solution! We’re a used tire shop that offers affordable yet top-notch quality products. Don’t believe it? Drop by in our shop in Poteau, OK, and see them for yourself. Our attendants are excited to walk you through our best selling items.

 We Have Wide Variety of Used Tires

They might be used, but we made sure that they’re still in their best condition. We have a strict quality test before admitting every new item in our used tire shop. Also, we only worked with reliable suppliers.

Our connections allow us to offer a wide variety of tires, starting from all-terrain truck tires to high truck tires. They are available in many brands, including the most popular ones in the market. If you don’t have the time to visit, we highly recommend that you get our phone representative so that we can tell if the tires you’re looking for are in stock. We’ll happily assist you to the best of our ability.

We Deliver

If you don’t want to pick up the used tires after your purchase, we can also schedule their delivery. You can arrange one, even if you’re not purchasing the product over the phone. As a roadside company, you can also rely on us for the tire’s replacement. We highly recommend it in emergencies.

We Got Excellent Customer Service

Here at our used tire shop, we paid great attention to the experience of our customers. We trained our employees to become a better professional, continues to find a better approach to deliver our service, and make sure to attend to complaints. This is why you’ll never regret entrusting us for your tire’s needs. We sell and serve to exceed expectations.

 Are you looking for a reliable seller in Poteau, OK that sells used tires? Call Mode's Tire Service today at (918) 721-0300.

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