What to Look for When Visiting a Used Tire Shop
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What to Look for When Visiting a Used Tire Shop

Tips for Buying Used Tires

If you are considering visiting a used tire shop, before you go, we at Mode's Tire Service recommend that you arm yourself with some invaluable information beforehand, so you do not become just another statistic of being scammed.

Only Buy Used Tires From a Reputable Service

There are plenty of used tire services, however, not all of them are places who you should purchase them from. For example, salvage yards don’t care about the tires you want to buy. If you want bald tires, then they will sell them to you. The problem with the used tire business is there is only a limited government regulation on them, which means, nothing can stop them from selling you a legally bald tire.

Never Buy a Tire That is Over 6 Years Old

Even if you are presented with a brand new tire, never buy one that is over 6 years old, as they are not safe! After this amount of time, the chemicals used to make the rubber do begin to break down. Resulting in the tire cracking, rot, and become brittle.

Be Prepared By Knowing What Your Vehicles Size and Load Capacity Requirements Are

You will not be able to just go and purchase any old used tire, as you first need to know what size and load capacity is required for your vehicle. And, it should match the other tires on your vehicle.

It is NOT safe to put a tire on your vehicle that is not the right size and load index. When you are buying used tires, there are a few unscrupulous salespeople that will not tell you if you are buying the wrong tire. So make sure that you are fully prepared to look yourself and double-check that you have the right tire for your vehicle.

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